10 Logistics Software Features Guaranteed to Increase Revenue

Today’s logistics industry is driven by software. Apps of every style and complexity permeate the business, allowing merchants to see where their orders are at all times. If you’re developing a logistics app, it’s important to select features that will boost efficiency and maximize revenue. These 10 essential features will ensure that your logistics software works as hard as you do.

1. Live Delivery Status

With this feature, you can receive a notification as soon as an order is delivered. Depending on your software configuration, you can even record the customer’s signature as proof that an order has arrived safe and sound.

2. Real-Time Driver Chat

Part of the challenge of logistics is that demand sometimes changes on the fly. Real-time driver chat allows you to redirect drivers mid-route to accommodate rush orders or other customer requests.

3. Route Planning

Looking to minimize fuel costs and driving time? With route planning features, your logistics software can help you find the best route to efficiently deliver all of your orders. Drivers receive updates on the pre-planned route through a dispatching dashboard.

4. Order Selection

Give your drivers some autonomy by allowing them to select the shipments they want to deliver. This feature helps minimize driver idle time while ensuring that new orders find a driver as soon as possible.

5. Automatic Log Creation

Managing metrics such as driving hours, client reviews, and the number of trips per driver can be exhausting. A logistics software with automatic log creation can handle the numbers for you. Instead of relying on paper logs from each individual driver, configure your app to track as many metrics as you like.

6. Mechanic and Gas Station Finder



Minimize delays from fuel stops and breakdowns by integrating a mechanic and gas station finder into your logistics software. When drivers start to worry about their vehicles, they can instantly locate a mechanic or fuel station and get back on the road in record time.

7. Vehicle Tracking

Did your driver get lost or stuck in traffic? Stay on top of every driver’s location in real time with a vehicle tracking feature. Once you know where drivers are, you can assign their next order pickup or notify customers about a potential delay.

8. Rapid Dispatch

Rapid dispatch allows the most urgent orders to be automatically assigned to the nearest available driver. When a rush order comes in, your logistics software can find a driver for it right away even when you’re not watching the screen.

9. Vehicle Inspection Data

Keep track of the status of every vehicle in your fleet so you can anticipate when a vehicle might be due for an inspection. Drivers can periodically enter data such as total mileage, fuel level, and tire pressure for each vehicle, providing clues about potential mechanical issues.

10. Multi-Lingual Support

Most people feel more comfortable communicating in their native language. Reduce misunderstandings and provide support for drivers from different backgrounds by integrating multi-lingual options into your logistics app.

A well-designed logistics software will integrate seamlessly with your business to keep drivers, merchants, and customers happy and informed. Incorporate the features in this list to help you solve your logistical problems while raising your bottom line.

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