The Future of Logistics Industry

With the ever-growing technology, all the fields of life are also revolutionizing and are totally gone to some other place. Technology has a tremendous effect on all the industries and businesses. Technology has reduced the chances of human errors and allowed us to automate the processes and make it more time and cost-effective.

Technology has also transformed the logistics industry greatly. With the rapid growth in the e-commerce business, logistic companies also have to update their trends to compete the race. Logistics industry is integrating the artificial intelligence, robotics and other machine learning algorithms into shipping systems with this development.

Some of the prominent logistics trends that are going to adopted in soon future are:

1. Modes of Delivery – Customers choice

Soon, the e-commerce is about to give the different options to choose from, for their product delivery. This is also poking the logistics companies to make the customers familiar with their name and services. By doing so, while choosing from the number of modes, customer can recognize them easily.

2. Drones

Drones are capturing the imagination of many logistics companies. Drone is a viable method to speed up the last mile delivery without any additional cost. UPS has already completed a research using a drone, which has concluded that drone’s delivery method for the last mile delivery can save up to fifty million dollars per year if the new process eliminates driving even 1 mile per driver per day.

3. Data Driven

Technology helps in saving the old data patterns and consequently helps in analyzing the drawbacks in the system and help the companies to develop themselves. It also helps in forecasting the demand and supply patterns. So, the companies can plan their strategies in advance.

4. Robotics

The port of long beach is already using the robotics to improve the productivity. This is reducing the human interaction with cargo about fifty percent. Robots uses the artificial intelligence to find the smartest way to their target.

5. Perfect Order Delivery

Without technology, orders can be interchanged or can be delayed. Even orders can be misdelivered due to no tracing system. It wastes time and money. Technology is helping in perfect order delivery within the given time frame and correct conditions.

6. Automation

Automation has increased the productivity about thirty percent in logistics processes, according to the new report. Automation is also going to make it easy to pay. Smart contracts and blockchain is going to automate the payments.

7. Auto-routing, Environmental friendly options

All the businesses are facing the environmental regulation problems and logistics is no exception. So, logistics industry also focusing in reducing the carbon emissions and opt to find the auto-routing environmental friendly options.

8. Wearables

The new trend in the logistics industry is the wearables like eyeglasses etc. they are so intelligently designed that can help in not just inventory but also helping in order taking and safe order delivery on time.

These are some of the main trends that are discussed here. as the technology is developing with the environmental regulations. The logistics industry is going on a fast track to be revolutionized. It is not just updating right now but also have a great potential to increase and grow with the technology and customer demand.

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